Geek Squad is Trying to Save Face

geeksquadlogo.pngMaybe you’ve heard about the accusations of a Geek Squad employee stealing porn from customer’s computer. If not, go here:


Now, it appears as though Best Buy is trying to save-face by offering an in-home free consultation ($100 value, which is really up for debate if you ask me) for:

In-home consultation allows the Geek Squad to see your space and make custom recommendations, ensuring you get the most out of your technology purchases. If you’ve already made a purchase, no worries, we can still show you the best way to integrate your technology.

If you take advantage of the free Home Theater Consultation, you will receive a $100 coupon at the time of your consultation — good toward a future home theater purchase $499 and up.

Wow, what a deal! First, they bait you to get that in-home consultation … then, they only offer you a stupid coupon redeemable for a Best Buy purchase over $499. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay upfront for the so-called free in-home consultation?? WTF?!

Frankly, I wouldn’t let one of those iTunes experts (read the article above for explanation of my reference) into my home and let them tell me how to spend my money on their products. They’re a bunch of RAM-installing, porn-stealing, thieves … if you ask me.

One last thing about why I think know Best Buy sucks … I went there to pick up The Orange Box for the XBOX 360 over the weekend.  Turns out that they didn’t have any in stock.  Even though the game was released on Tuesday, Best Buy did not get their shipment from the distributor.  They simply told me to call back (yeah right) this week to see if they had any on-hand.  What a crock!  In this day-and-age, how could a new release (and a big one at that) not be in stock??

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