Dentist Office is a Strip Joint

If you’re looking for a new dentist, and you’ve recently moved to Woodland, CA … can I make a suggestion? Be sure to look up Mark Anderson and see if he has any openings.

If you’re interested in the whole story, click here.

Basically, there is a woman who is claiming that Mark groped her six times.  Each time she tried to wear various clothing options that would deter him from gaining access to her boobies.  Well, if after six times, you’d think she find a new dentist.  Further more, you’d think that after ONE TIME, she’d notify the authorities and put his ass in jail.

Something tells me she actually enjoyed the attention.


One thought on “Dentist Office is a Strip Joint

  1. It would seem like a cat and mouse flirting game. If she didn’t like it and was offended why go back six times? twice maybe just be sure it wasn’t “accidnetal” but 6 times?

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