Butwheaty’s Xbox 360 Update

Well, Microsoft put me in the front of the line at the McAllen, TX repair center.  I shall soon receive my 4th XBOX 360 console.  I have high hopes of actually receiving a console that doesn’t break after 24 hours, as did the one I just sent in.

If this sucka breaks (again), I may just end up driving to McAllen and paying some folks a visit.

I’ll be sure to bring my younger brother along to do my whining for me (see pic).  He’s pretty good at annoying the crap outta people.  Maybe Bill Gates will be in town when I visit.

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself and actually forecasting a breakage.  Shit, it isn’t like I’m not used to it by now.

With all the shit-360s I’ve been through, I’ve missed out the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare MP BETA (yes, I had token to play that); I missed the Halo 3 launch; I missed an XBLA fire sale.  Basically, Microsoft has forced me to watch about two months of crappy TV.

I’ll be back online Monday.

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