Lose the Weight

Official Hot Lard 1000 Hit Post

There is a growing problem in America that needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. There are way too many fat people loping around stealing all our air.

I’m not talking about being a few pounds overweight, rather the fatasses you see exposing their man boobies. This has got to STOP!

Is this dope on a prescription of estrogen? Dude, hit the scale already!Β  Even he knows he’s a lardass … just look at his face!Β  It is so painful for him to get up in the morning and watch reruns of Leave it to Beaver.

Another epidemic is the infatuation with large breasts. Here we see a lady in desperate need of some surgery.

I can’t decide if I’m turned-on, or about to vomit.

Next, we see some more man-boobs. These old farts need to quit parading around topless. They’re going to upset a lot of people.

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