CONFIRMED: Bungie breaks up with Microsoft

Well, it’s now official … Bungie Studios and Microsoft have broken-up. Grab your tissues and wipe your tears Microsoft fanboys … Bungie will now make games for any platform they want. I still stand by my prediction that we’ll see Halo on Sony’s Playstation 3.

So how about it Sony fanboys … do you even want to play Halo on your beloved PS3? I know many of you do, just as 360 fanboys would like to play Metal Gear Solid. In this day-and-age, it’s almost stupid to not go cross-platform … games cost a ton of money, and the best way to get a decent return (sometimes, any return at all) is to make games for all the hardware platforms.

But then again, how do you build a brand name if every single game developer makes games for all the hardware? Exclusives are always going to exist; that’s why the 3DO failed. Trip Hawkins believed in one hardware platform, and he failed miserably due to poor studio support (no one believed him).

So, good luck Bungie … I’m sure your divorce from Microsoft will be liberating!

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