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We get emails from Hot Lard readers every day.  So today, we thought we’d answer a few burning questions.

Why did you start Hot Lard; that is, what was your motivation?  – Bernie (Monmouth, WA)

Thank you for asking Bernie.  We started Hot Lard because, honestly, there weren’t any humor sites out there.  You see, the internet is mostly-full of four things:

  1. porn
  2. sports stats
  3. weirdos with freakish … I mean political crap
  4. news

So, unless you can find me another humor-related web site, we’ll continue to pump out the good stuff.

How many people maintain Hot Lard? – Fred (La Quinta, CA)

There is a team of monkey’s we keep hard at work scouring the internet for weird stuff.  One of them, Jasper is his name, has a knack for finding us all the vomit pictures you see.  Another monkey, named Delores, digs-up all our photos of hotties.  She’s is gay, so for some reason she likes surfing for lesbian porn and hot bartenders.

Monkey’s only need to eat once a day, provided we keep them fully-stocked with Marlboro’s.  Plus, we don’t have to pay them anything.  When they get tired, we just send them to out to the rendering facility down the road and we get free monkey jerky.  Tasty!

What’s the craziest shit you have ever seen on the internet? – Wallace (Hickory, NC)

Well Wallace, probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet is this.  If this isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever seen, you seriously need help.  Another time, I saw this video of a crazy redneck revving-up his chainsaw then cutting off a pig’s head, while it was alive.  If you find that video anywhere, it will scar you for life.

Well, there you go.  If you have more questions, please email us (see our contact box in the upper-right of the web site for details).  Maybe we’ll answer your question in a future post.

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