Mediacom SUCKS!

In the long line of companies that suck. I would have to say that Mediacom is by far one of the worst. If you don’t know what Mediacom is, it is this so called cable company that has infested the Midwest and is now delivering some of the crappiest service one could ever ask for.

Half the commercials I see on TV are for this abomination of a service provider that tells us what a great company they are and how bad everyone else is. They say they will jump in front of a moving bus to save a single customer from the least bit of hardship. While at the same time they shove their 44″ monster dick into our ass and won’t pull it out until we scream uncle.

The latest abortion this evil entity is trying to deliver upon its unsuspecting customers is that, “Less is More”. For us folks that shell out a good amount of money to get the digital service and all the pay channels. Mediadork is now telling us that they are removing 25 of these channels they sold us and that this is a good thing. WTF?!?!?!

Take a look at the links below to see the two sides of the death threat Enhancement letter they sent explaining this great new service.

Death Threat Enhancement letter Page #1 Page #2

I’m sorry, but did I just get told I was getting my face painted and there was nothing I could do about it?

At the bottom of this letter there is a phone number to call. If you ever want to get a really good workout or get that vein on your temple to start throbbing. Try calling Mediacocks Customer Dis-Services Center. Boy Howdy it’s a real hoot. After three calls I decided to send them an e-mail in the hopes that they actually hired someone that can read and understand that when all the words are put together it means something. Below is the email I sent them.

Dear Mediacom,

I would like to start out this letter by saying that I have every service Mediacom has to offer for the residential customer. I currently use your high-speed internet service, phone service and cable TV service. I have every option that is offered for the TV service (HBO, Showtime, etc). So in a nutshell, I am paying a hefty sum of money to your company every month.

Up to yesterday, I can honestly say that I have been satisfied with the service options you offer for residential customers. However, after receiving a disturbing letter from you folks and the absolute hell I had to go through to try and get some answers on it. I felt I needed to set down and type my concerns and hope for some straight answers from you before I decide on whether to continue your service or move to a well-respected satellite provider (cough – Qwest).

The letter I received from you starts off with you blowing your own horn and saying how everything you do is for the betterment of the customer. I think you may even go on and explain how you send your employees’ home with a Shame Stick to beat themselves and then force them to cry themselves to sleep at night if one single customer is unhappy.

Then the letter goes on to state that to make my life better (because that is all you are ever concerned about) you are moving to an “All Digital” channel line up. This line up will increase your capacity for new services. And the first new service you are offering me is to remove 25 of my channels?????

Ummmmmmmm, this is better for me how?

Next, you do go on and state that all I am really losing are the “West Coast Channels” of all my pay channels. So I am not losing any programming whatsoever. It is only the west coast channels and all they are is just a repeat of what I get on the east coast. The problem I have with this is that I liked having the west cost channel to fall back on, incase I missed something on the east coast channels. Plus, (and one of the most irritating frustrations I have with Mediacom) one of the selling points you offered me when I was deciding whether or not to get all the pay channels was that the west coast channels were there and how I could use them to see what I missed on the east coast. So how did they suddenly become so unimportant? Did I miss the vote on deciding the important and unimportant channels? If I did, I demand a re-count.

I’m also concerned about my bill. Since I am losing all of these channels (regardless of what they are) am I going to see a reduction in my payment due each month? I was led to believe (by Mediacom) that part of the payment was for the West Coast channel lineup. And now that they are gone, are you (Mediacom) going to adjust my bill to compensate my family for the service quality we have lost?

Now, let’s move onto the really fun part … trying to get an answer from your company regarding this manner.

At the bottom of the letter you have a phone number for your livestock valued customers to call if they have any questions on this. So like any law-abiding citizen, I did … three times!

Calling your “Customer Dis-Service Center” showed me a whole new level of frustration. In the three times that I called them, I was lied to, yelled at, cut-off (disconnected), placed on never-ending hold, and came out more confused than when I went in. I must congratulate you on your training of your customer dis-service staff. They are truly the tops when it comes to miss-informing your valued customers. Normally, a company has to out-source to 3rd-world developing country (cough-India/Malaysia) to get as confusing and misleading a team as you have assembled here in the good ole’ USA. For that, I applaud you … job well-done.

My first call was answered by Ms. I Don’t Know. I call her that because that is the only answer she could give me.

Me: Why are the west coast channels being dropped?

Ms. IDK: I don’t know

Me: Are you going to replace them with anything?

Ms. IDK: I don’t know

Me: Could you check?

Ms. IDK: Hold Please.

After 20 minutes on hold, I was sent to your electronic customer dis-service survey. Thankfully, my phone has the ability to enter negative numbers so I was able to provide an accurate score based upon my level of quality customer dis-service.

My next call I talked to Mr. You’re Not Losing Any Programming. This was the only answer he would give me to any of my questions.

Me: Am I losing these channels?

Mr. YNLAP: You’re Not Losing Any Programming!

Me: I understand that I’m not losing any original programming but I am losing the channels right?

Mr. YNLAP: You’re Not Losing Any Programming!

Me: But I am losing the channels, will there be anything to replace them?

Mr. YNLAP: You’re Not Losing Any Programming!

Me: I’m sorry, but are you reading from a script?

Mr. YNLAP: You’re Not Losing Any Programming!

We ended up yelling at each other and I had to hang up and start over again.

Finally on my third call I talked to Mr. Starz Black. I call him that because of the following verbal exchange (I am not making this up).

Me: Am I going to get anything to replace what I’m losing?

Mr. SB: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think you may be getting Starz Black.

Me: What is Starz Black?

Mr. SB: I believe it is a channel for black people.

Wow! I went through all of that in an hour and an half. Most companies would charge admission for a ride like that. But you’re just given it away for free.

Ok, so seriously I would like to get few straight forward answers to the straight forward questions I have. Can someone PLEASE do this for me?!?!?!?!?

  1. Why are we losing the West Coast channels? I have checked with Direct TV and they just added a bunch of new features including a bunch of new channels, one of particular interests is the Big Ten Network … and nothing was removed!! Why cann’t you offer customer service like this?
  1. Will there be an adjustment (downward) in my bill? Part of the package I purchased included the West Coast channels. If you remove them and not compensate me for them, is that not a form a bait-and-switch (I will answer that for you … it is bait-and-switch)?
  1. Are you replacing these lost channels with anything? If so, what the heck are they and where can I find a list of them? I must say that I’m extremely interested in Starz Black.

Please, do not send me one of your canned responses to disgruntled customer in hopes that they just go away. I WILL NOT BE GOING AWAY! Plus I will be more than happy to get the BBB and the attorney generals office involved in this if I have to. In addition, I found a handy web site for consumers to visit in the likely event they’re being screwed-over. Maybe you’ve heard of it, it is I recommend that you bookmark it for future viewing.

And I swear, that if any of your answers to me include the phrase, “You’re Not Losing Any Programming”, I will be forced to do terrible things to my cat with a salad fork and month old bologna. So what do you say? For the sake of keeping one good customer and the well being of Mr. Whiskers……


Thank you,


The L stands for West Coast


So far this is what I have received from Mediacoma



I’ll update this post when I get a response.

10/04/2007 UPDATE!!!

Did not get a response from Mediacum.

So I went out a got Direct TV. It’s premium package with the NFL Ticket and all pay channels… INCLUDING THE WEST COAST!!! Fuck Mediacunt!

10/05/2007 Update!!!

Mediacrap replied to my e-mail. (After I sent it to them a second time) After reading their response I was reminded of another email exchange I have had.


Dear Blstern

Originally this offering of the West Coast feeds of the premium channels was intended to give the subscriber more flexibility in their viewing schedule by offering the same programs at different times. The launch of Video On Demand (VOD) now allows our subscribers of the premium services to view the programming on each of the movie channels at anytime you wish at no extra cost. Also with VOD you can watch movies on your schedule, start, stop, rewind and pause all from your remote control. When we added the West Coast feeds, we did not increase rates. Rates, therefore, are not decreasing with this change. Mediacom appreciates your understanding as we move forward during this transition period.

Mediacom’s preferred position has been to have a regional sports network like the BTN placed on a digital tier. But, our company has been very flexible; we’ve offered many proposals to the Big 10 Net & FOX, including multiple proposals for putting the channel on our family cable (expanded basic).

We sincerely want to provide the BTN to our customers, but at a fair price, comparable to the costs of other networks on Family cable (expanded basic), or comparable to the average per customer cost BTN is charging to other national video distributors like Echostar or DirecTV.

The Big Ten Network is not the place to see Big 10 Football this fall, though. ABC sports will continue to carry Big 10 football games with 17 games this season and ESPN and ESPN2 will continue to carry the Big 10 games with 24 football games this season.

If you need further assistance or have any additional questions please feel free to contact us via e-mail and we will be happy to assist you, but please be sure to include your original email for reference. Or you may contact us through our Customer Service Department at 800-332-0245, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

Thank you.

Mediacom Customer Service

E-Mail North Central Division

Hmmmmmmmmm, If you ask me. I believe I just got a whole bunch of nothing from these dweebs. Better straighten this out before they get a black mark on their perfect customer service record.

Dearest Mediacrud,

First off I would like to thank you for completely ignoring the email I sent you. The canned response you sent me has shown that you think of your valued customers as nothing more than live stock.

Let’s take a moment an analyze your email response to my questions.

I asked why the west coast channels were being removed and to that you replied…………. NOTHING!

I asked if my bill will be changed due to this lack of service and to that you replied……………..NOTHING AGAIN!!

I asked if there would be any replacement channels and where I could find a list of them. To that you replied……………. BIG FAT NOTHING!!!!!!

But you were able to place a commercial about your Video on Demand (VOD) in the first paragraph. Which explained that this product is so wonderful that in 10 years time it will create world peace and become a never ending power source.

I hate to burst your bubble, but your VOD will not replace everything your customers will lose when the west coast channels go away. It is pretty insulting that you even try to push that lame alternative on us. Does the VOD offer all the children’s programing that you can catch on the west coast channels because they come on to early on the east coast? NO!!!! Can I get foreign and art house movies on VOD….. NO!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong your VOD is really nice in what it does offer. But as a replacement for 25 channels, sorry that is just an insult.

The next three sections of your email are on the evils of the Big Ten Network and how it will corrupt our children into becoming Satanist or Republicans. I’m sorry but when did this become a big concern of mine. Did I ask you any questions on the BTN? No I did not. Did I ask for any explanation on why you do not offer it? Once again, no I did not. But just like your boring ass commercials, you feel it necessary to take any opportunity you can find to tell all of your live stock how great you are and how evil everybody else is. I’m sure your sainthood certificate should be coming in the mail real soon.

And then the insult to end all insults…

After I went into great detail on explaining what a cluster $@$#@$ your customer dis-service center was and the real problems I had with them. What was your final suggestion to me???? CALL OUR CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE CENTER!!!!!!!! I’m sure you all got a really good laugh when you typed errrrrrrrrr I mean copied and pasted that into your reply to me.

Is there a Mediacrime e-mail address that will go to anyone other than retards? I would really like to converse with someone that has an IQ higher than a plastic plant?

OK, let’s try this again…

Questions 1. Why are the west channels being removed?

Questions 2. Is there going to be an adjustment to my bill?

Question 3. Will there be new channels to replace the ones I have lost? If so, where can I find a list of them?

There you go, three simple little questions. But to show you the good sport I am. I will translate these to Dork for you retards in the Customer Dis-Service Center.

Duh thing I ask 1. DUH DUH DUH, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Blue banana, poopy pants

Duh Thing I ask 8. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ooops I make yucky.

Duh thing I ask j. Bing Zip Big Ten Channel is the devil bah bah help?

I eagerly await your informative response.



The L stands for Direct TV.

Will let you know what I get from Mediaconfuse when I get it.

Update 10/22/2007

Just got Direct TV installed on Sunday. Watch the NFL ticket and the BIG TEN CHANNEL! Get to take my Mediacan’t tuners back tonight. I will love doing that. Sent an Email to Mediasnot telling them what a great deal Direct TV is.

Dearest Mediacom-bust

Just wanted to let you know that due to your lack of a response to my concerns, I have canceled your services and had Direct TV installed in my home.

Wow! What a great service they offer. East and WEST coast channels. Plus they have the Big Ten channel!!!! And you know what? It’s not as evil as you have led your (Dwindling) customer base to believe.

Thanks for the crappy service, without it I may have never discovered what true television viewing pleasure was all about. You may be the best sales person that Direct TV has. Keep up the good work.

Your ex-customer for life


I’m not betting on a response to this. But If I do get one, I’ll surly post it.



17 thoughts on “Mediacom SUCKS!

  1. I am a Mediacom field tech. This is pointless but here we go

    1. The reason they are removing West coast channels is to FREE SOME BANDWIDTH to add more HD channels.

    2. NO, you did not lose any programming, east coast feed has the same shows most of the time and the rest is avalable via VOD at no extra charge.

    3 Remember they are doing this in order to free some bandwidth and add more HD channels, so the answer is (eventually) YES if you have the HD Tier.

    You see Mediacom still carries about 75-80 analog channels (depending on the market) and they take a lot of ‘space’ (for each analog channel taken off they can add 6 digital channels, you do the math). Now some people don’t care about HD and others don’t care about analog. In other words you can’t make everyone happy.

    Best of luck with your new service!

  2. Cable Tech,

    Thanks for the information… I mean it!

    The really sad part is that I tried, I really tried to go through the services that Mediacom has set up (Email and Customer Service phone number) to get this information and I could not. It took me creating a blog post and a field tech to read it before I could get an honest answer.

    Thanks again, (And I really do mean that) but I will no longer be needing your services. (And I REALLY do mean that)

  3. You’re very welcome.

    I completely understand. I would do the same thing. I just wish more people would ‘talk’ with their wallets, maybe things would improve faster. And I *know* customer service needs *major* improvement.

    Sorry about your bad experience. I’ve heard mostly good things about DirecTV though. If it makes you feel any better you are not the only one complaining about this change.

  4. Cable Tech,

    Trust me you do not want to go to DirecTV, Mediacoms service does suck. But there is nothing like the great service of getting right through to somebody at DirecTV and have them tell you “Fuck you, but have a nice day.”

  5. i’ll b switching to directv very soon also. have had 3 major outages in just 2 weeks and can’t keep my hd in nor my other channels for that matter. they keep going out, digitalizing full screen blockage along with other great screwups. i can get directv’s premier package for only 60 and get nfl package for free. they even have vod now. so long mediacrap.

  6. Well, I would like to say MediaBomb sucks but I haven’t gotten the chance to yet… I moved to Milton Florida for a job. My family will be moving down shortly with all of our furniture and things. Needless to say I packed what I thought was necessary ( Computer, TV, computer chair, TV tray as a table, Bed, and clothes. ) Well, I come to find out I didn’t need the computer or the tv because MediaBomb was the only thing in town and to get them to hook you up takes a god given miracle. Those, these days, are very few and far between. So now after 3 weeks of trying to get them to come out and get me hooked up, I find out that that today I have been put on a pending list. They missed the there first 4 hour appointment because the computer system in there office was down ( Reschedule ). The second 4 hour appoint was completely lost ( Reschedule ). This is the third appoint and I was mistakenly put on a pending list ( whatever the hell that is ). Do you know what it is like to sit and spin in a chair for three weeks. No phone, no tv, no internet. I think my new neighbors think I am the new neighborhood watch. I just sit by the window looking at the street thinking maybe today he will show up! You would think MediaBomb would go out of business because if this is how they treat
    (PENDING) customers, how would they treat the ones they already have?

  7. Hopefully Qwest DSL high speed soon comes to my area. This is the one and only reason we still have MediaCRAP. My e-mail has been down for two days now, WTH. Plus, the customer service line is always busy. I am so sick of Mediacom. They just increased our bill $12, for what, not being able to use the internet and dropping channels. The minute I have another option for high speed internet, we are switching over!

    • I am amazed at the longevity of this post. Ervin definitely hit a nerve with our readers.

      I must say, I’m am pleased with Qwest DSL service. Service was not interrupted during a recent blizzard.

      I’m told that the promotional “Price For Life” has been discontinued … good thing I got in for $27/month!

      Good luck everyone.

  8. I love mediacom I had dish before and after 12 months my bill was three time what its ever been with mediacom plus i dont have any services issues and havnt in the last 4 years i have had mediacom. I dont know what i would do if they ever stoped there services in my area

  9. I couldn’t agree more. I love you’re terminology throughout this website of replies. I hate mediacom with a passion. I hate that they are my only Internet provider for my area. I called and asked why I was experiencing Internet outages in my are and they couldn’t say why or give me any sort of reason. I was pretty much screaming at all they have to say. This is the worst company you could ever put you’re faith in, especially a business like I have. I would drop them in a heartbeat if anyone else would come and do an Internet service for spring grove il. Whatever, I may as well just call up AOL and see if they are still a company, Better than mediaFUX.

  10. Personaly for Tv i love dish they have always done well by me but for internet quests 3meg just is not enough for 6 people constantly on varrious internet activities so we switched to media_____ and thats the problem mediacock has no consistancy at all 1 second everything is peachy the next i have 0 connection for 2 hours and then it goes back. I try to get tech support and all i get is generic hoopy doo bullshit that doesnt work.

  11. Mediacom is fucking trash. Worst ISP I’ve ever used. Can’t wait to move out of the midwest. There’s just no competition here so they can deliver raw sewage for service.

  12. Just adding some fresh manure on to the pile. I can’t agree more with everything that’s been said already. Service where I live in central Iowa has been spotty at the very best for the past year or so and the customer service hasn’t changed from anyone else’ experiences. Gotta love the convenient 12 + hour outages when you’d like your paid services the most. Never fails. Guess I could save myself the hassle of being on hold 10 or more minutes at a time when there’s an issue and make sure my router and cables are still hooked up! A+ at failing.

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