As a Parent, Know Your Child’s Limitation

As a parent myself, you sometimes need to just sit down with your children and give it to them straight. No beating around the bush, no lies … just flat-out the truth.

Of course, my nearly-2-year-old just doesn’t quite get it.

Which, brings me to this well-done photo (and caption). Someone forgot to give it to W straight-up.

Now, I know there is going to be some die-hard Republicans out there who think W can do no-wrong. Guess what; YOU’RE WRONG! George W. Bush, and his administration, will go down in history not for the good things he’s accomplished for our country … rather, he’ll be written into the history books as the President who failed to bring this country together during a time of war. We’re so divided on Iraq that we can’t even begin to back our President on any decision he makes. You can’t really blame us (the American public) though, W is a doofus that never should have been our president to begin with; or so they say. I think a majority of Republican-voters are starting to regret their decision to cast their ballot for W.

But then again, the Democrats didn’t give us much with Bill Clinton either. He was the worst scoundrel this country has ever chosen as their leader. Which really worries me with Hillary Clinton actually doing well in the pre-election polls.

God save us! πŸ˜‰

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