Microsoft Has Lost Their Marbles


When is Microsoft going to learn how to properly design and build a successful piece of hardware?

So here’s the deal; on Monday my XBOX 360 arrived via UPS from the repair center in McAllen, TX. I didn’t have much time to actually play anything because of a few nerds, but I was able to gain some progress in Halo 2. Sadly, Forza Motorsport 2 required a title update … and since of aforementioned nerds, I couldn’t download the update. Which, is pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. There is no reason why I cannot continue my quest in Career mode, racking up much-needed credits, without having to have the latest patch that probably only affects online play anyway. 😦

Wednesday evening was my next opportunity, after I mowed my ~2 month-long lawn. After two hours of arduous labor, I finally finish-up and head inside to exercise my thumbs. In case you had no idea where this was headed, see attached image … but, imagine the LEDs flashing.

Yep, my XBOX 360 managed to successful operate for less than one single day … directly from Microsoft’s repair facility.

Normally … and I’m stretching here because anyone who has a piece of electronics die on them in less than one day of ownership would have every right to begin gathering shotgun shells and gassing-up the Pussy Wagon … I wouldn’t be so angry. However, this is my 3rd XBOX 360 I’ve had (two refurbished consoles from Microsoft) and I’ll soon have a 4th.

Here’s another blood-boiler that got me going …

So Monday night I get a call from Mada at the Microsoft repair center asking me if I received my console. Yes, I have. She also asked if it was working perfectly. Yes, it is. She then tells me that she will call back in a couple of days to check-in and see if everything is satisfactory and to discuss possible compensation for my troubles. Ah-hah! Here’s my chance to get a free game. I tried to press the issue of talking about compensation now, but she deferred it to the next time she calls. OK. She gave me a toll-free number to call in the event I have any issues with my level of service, along with a reference number and her personal extension. I was slightly impressed that she called.

Fast-forward to tonight, the first thing I did was call the number she provided and enter the reference number, followed by her extension. It was then I heard the sweet-sweet words every fucked-in-the-ass customer LOVES to hear … we’re sorry, the extension you entered is invalid; please check the number and try again.

The irritation levels are rising…

Fine, I enter her extension again and the automated system tells me to wait for the next available operator. Great! I thought I was going to actually be talking with someone who could help me, not a script-reading operator!

Well, I watched the last half of Wheel of Fortune, all of Deal or No Deal (the gay teacher was a riot!), and into about 15 minutes of Bionic Woman (hated it) before I finally gave up to call 800-4-MY-XBOX.

I got a new reference number from Claire (yeah, I’m real sure that name gets used a lot in India) and my empty box is on the way.

So then, I run an errand that takes about 10 minutes. I get back home to try to contact Mada … immediately the automated system tells me to call back during regular business hours and proceeds to hang-up on me.

This gets better by the minute. My plan now is to try to make contact with Mada on Thursday and pretty-much demand a brand-new, shiny, black or Spartan-green console. My hopes aren’t very high.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Has Lost Their Marbles

  1. After hearing what you have gone through. I may never get an Xbox. To be honest, all the problems that you are having is a major reason why I have not gone out and gotten one already. This may seal the deal on the Wii. If I can ever find one of the fuckers.

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