My Thoughts by blstern (Ice Age)

Today it is snowing.

Yesterday it did not.

I wish the weather would make up its mind. Sort of like it did during the Ice Age. Back then when you went to work you didn’t need to ask your wife, “Honey, I wonder what the weather is doing today? Should I wear a coat?” Because it was the Ice Age you always had to wear a coat. Of course that would just give her one more thing to nag at you about. She would say, “It’s been the Ice Age for a Millennia now and you still don’t know weather to wear a coat or not!” and then she would go on about your dead end job and how the Jones had a new Brontosaurus and we were still using the same old Woolly Mammoth for the last 10 years………………… I don’t believe murder was illegal then………….Yeah, those were the days.

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