Anal Women: The Best Plan of Attack

Official Hot Lard 1000 Hit Post

In my career I have come across many different patients. Some of the most interesting to work with are anal women. No not women that do anal, that is an entirely different and interesting topic that I’m sure we will cover at a later time.

Anal women always have the same sets of things wrong with them, they don’t think they are pretty enough, they are always sick, their period is bothering them, or they have sand in their vagina. I’m proposing a sweeping plan that should help cut down their hormone related illnesses in my community and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, I encourage any everyone to tell that bitch who knows she is attractive that she’s a fat ugly slob who’s farts smell like cottage cheese that has been fermenting under a sweaty fat guys balls for 3 weeks. This should either help them gain some perspective in their lives, drag them down so an average joe can hit that, or increase suicides.

Next, tell a woman you don’t really need them for sex, make it a song with lyrics such as:

“What you need to understand

Is I make love to my hand,

I don’t need you honey,

Cause I beat my dick like it owes me money”

Now of course this isn’t true for most of us, we love the snatch, but we are trying to sell a social program here.

Finally, restore that desire that they should all have. Invite them over show that you are living in filth, and that you need someone to clean up. And better yet don’t offer to help, other than the occasional slap on the ass.

Dr. Tadjur

Gonorrhea free since ’93

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