My Thoughts by blstern (A walk in the grass)

I like to walk bare foot in the grass just after it rains. The cool wetness of the blades feels good on the bottom of my feet and cleanses my soul. The rain washes away the dirt and grime of everyday life and for that brief moment my world is clean. The wet grass refreshes me, it renews me…

It also helps to take my mind off the pain of the screwdriver I have shoved up my pee hole to help ward off the evil vampire cow. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Why would a vampire cow take time out of its busy day to bother me? All I can say to that, is since I have had this screw driver up my pee hole, I have kept all my blood and I no longer wake up in the morning to see hoof tracks on my ceiling. So who’s laughing now fool?!?!?!

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