Blog Stats for Hot Lard

We want to update our readers on the fine folks who find us through a search engine. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) capture all sorts of stuff, and WordPress is kind-enough to tell us what readers are looking for when they’ve been directed to us via a search engine.

Here are some stats for your viewing pleasure.

The stats below are for Today (18-09-2007):


Below is from Yesterday (17-09-2007):


Alright … who the heck is expecting midget porn, hot midgets, gay midgets, carpet munchers, fat hotties, mean midgets, and fart poems from Hot Lard!? Who are you sickos? The phrase that really gets me is mean midgets. Why are you looking for the mean ones? Are there any that aren’t mean?

By all means, feel free to find us however you like … but don’t expect any blog entries about mean midgets. There might be the occasional fart joke or carpet muncher (MMMM, yummy) post, but … wait a minute, I’ve got an awesome idea for a short story about:

This really mean midget who finds herself in the lucrative business of laying carpets in apartments. Somehow, she manages to land a job in the upper east side installing some new carpet in a fat hottie’s apartment. Her first day on the job is the beginning of a wild adventure that begins when she encounters Lorena Bobbit sitting on a park bench putting the finishing touches on her Complete Works for Lorena Bobbit’s Fart Poems and Bedtime Stories. It’s a magical adventure, full of plot twists, more midgets, and fat gut girls.

I can’t wait to begin this epic adventure. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Blog Stats for Hot Lard

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