September 2007, Book of the Month

In a new feature we like to call BotM, our first title is ANYBODY CAN BE COOL …But Awesome Takes Practice. Don’t worry jackasses, we beat you to it. We’re teh aw3s0me!

If you’re a teenager looking for ideas on how to screw up your chances at getting laid, be sure to check this book out at your local public library. If you can’t find it, don’t worry … here are some tips:

  • Dye your unwashed, stringy hair with some peroxide. Be sure to go overboard.
  • Visit your local Goodwill or D.A.V. and pick up some Guess? jeans.
  • Bypass football practice to hang out with minorities.
  • Keep that sweater that your Aunt Mimzy knitted for your 10th birthday. It’ll come in handy in high school.
  • Join the drama club (swing choir, if you can ‘stomach’ it).

There you go folks, enjoy this month’s book and we’ll see you next time!

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