Hot Lard has the nude photo of Vanessa Hudgens

Official Hot Lard 5000 + Hit Post

You may have seen this headline on

Nude photo emerges of ‘High School Musical’ star

Well my little teen idol nudie freaks, Hot Lard has found this photo and is offering it up for your viewing pleasure.

But first I would like to say that I am somewhat disappointed in the photo. You know how it is, you see someone in a bikini and they look really hot. But when you see the whole package, it is somewhat of a letdown. That was my reaction to the photo. But please, you be the judge.

Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo

Update 11/23/07

Hot Lard has gotten Their dirty little paws on some other nude photos of little Vanessa, Check ’em out!

Vanessa Hudgens’ nude on a horse

Vanessa Hudgens’ nude at the circus

Vanessa Hudgens’ getting her freak on with another girl

Vanessa Hudgens’ doing charity work.

Vanessa Hudgens’ standing on her head…… ummmmmmm NAKED!!!

Dick Van Dike naked….. while Vanessa Hudgens’ watches

Vanessa Hudgens’ sister naked!!!



15 thoughts on “Hot Lard has the nude photo of Vanessa Hudgens

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  2. itz so stuipid cause tha popurcy are like maggots ,the celebs need privacy so booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poperaciy

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