Mary-Kate Olsen is Desperate for Attention

It has been reported that Mary-Kate Olsen won’t smile for the paparazzi unless she’s on a red carpet or at a photo shoot.

I’m going to go ahead and say it … nobody freakin’ cares about you … you fugly vampire! Seriously, don’t you even DARE think of calling Hugh Heffner in an attempt to resurrect your failing career.

Have you even bothered to take two seconds to look at yourself in the mirror lately? Every time I look at you, I get the uneasy feeling in my stomach and I start to taste the vile bile creeping up my throat. In fact, my bile has more talent that you’ll ever hope buy. Speaking of; did daddy give you the OK to get an ATM card? Do you know what one of those is? No, they’re not used to bypass locked doors you moron.

I hate you and everything you’ve ever done. Your twin was actually funny on SNL, but you suck.

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