I’m Sick of All of YOU

You want to know what bothers me?  Self-portraits.

You see, TinyPic.com is vast resource for user-submitted photos.  It’s a great source for Hot Lard in our ongoing quest to find the world’s stupidest people.  In that respect, TinyPic.com is awesome.  Sure, there are others (ImageShack, etc) … and we visit those too.  But, in general is the overall stupidity of dorks taking photos of themselves that really pisses me off.  Who gives a shit about you?  And, stop making that same old tired retarded face that says, “I’m pretty cool ’cause I can press my lips together”.

Here are some examples.  As you’re viewing these, I ask you to ask yourself … are you one of these retards?  Please don’t pollute these wonderful services with your shitty camera (lack of) skills.  At the very least, show us something good (hint-hint) … sorry, no dudes either.

FYI … some please find this dork and slap the shit outta hisself for taking the time to make this crappy thing.  Ick, I feel dirty.

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