My Thoughts by blstern (The King of Candy Land)

When I die. I want to be buried in an ice cream coffin with a chocolate cake pillow. And I want my head stone to read… “Here lies the king of Candy Land, come all children and get your free soft serve ice cream cone”.
Then I would have a soft serve ice cream dispenser so the children could walk right up to my grave and get their treat.

Then “Floppy” the mechanical dog would come out and tell a story of fluffy clouds and candy cane rain storms. My grave sight will become famous and children would come from all over the planet to visit it. They would listen to stories, sing happy songs and eat ice cream………………….

And then just for a laugh I would have a mechanical hand under the dirt come crashing out grabbing for the children, while Floppy the dogs cold mechanical eyes would glow red and he would scream…” Run you little bastards. He’s reaching out of the grave for you!!! Run!!! IN THE NAME OF GOD Run!!!! Run and don’t look back!!!! His pants are down!!!! RUN!!!!!”
Golly that would be a hoot.

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