Video Game Babes

Official Hot Lard 3000 Hit Post

Some developers are not only fascinated with video games, they blur the line between reality and fantasy. Case in point is the recent surge of video game boobies. It seems like every new video game to feature a woman has better-looking jugs than the recent issue of Blubby Jugs Galore magazine. In the past, the juggies were merely some cover art … rarely all that great to begin with. With the power of today’s generation of video game consoles and PCs, we’re finally getting to see the results of what NASA has invested so much of our tax dollars into … boobies that never stop jiggling.

I’d like to feature here on Hot Lard some of our favorite photos of video game juggies.


We’ll get to see this beauty in a future PS3 release … perhaps Heavenly Sword?

Bloodrayne used to look like crap. Surprising what a little bit of makeup can do for a vampire. If you search real hard, you can find the uncensored version of the above picture.

The entire cast of the Dead or Alive (not Jack, jackholes) series defy all laws of motion. I guess that’s why people continue to waste their hard-earned money on Team Ninja.

For more video game babes, visit this other WordPress blog:

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