Fan Questions about Super Tard

As the resident-doctor of Hot Lard, I’ve recently been asked numerous questions about Super Tard. The most frequent and disturbing has been how do you know he’s super?

For some reason no one asks if he is a tard.

I have observed Super Tard, and I can state that Super Tard is indeed super. I have never before in my 27 years of medical practice seen a tard snort Elmers glue faster, drool more, eat more worms, or repeat ae;lkascv quicker than Super Tard.

Folks, he is the real deal. He’s not just some normal run-of-the-mill I-picked-my-butt-and-ate-it tard.  I urge everyone to take a few minutes and watch him in action … we urge you to point and laugh while he does great things, like poke dead cats and search for poop.

Dr. Tadjur
ADHD Certified (editor: crazy)

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