America’s 2008 Presidential Candidate Roundup, Part 1

Hot Lard is proud to bring you our 2008 Presidential Candidate roundup. We’re here to provide you as much information as you might possibly need to make an informed decision on who you think should be the next leader of the free world.

Starting off with Part 1, we’re going to begin with the Democrats, namely Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Married to Bill Clinton, and best friend of Monica Lewinski, Hillary was once a First Lady. That alone gives her an advantage over her competitors.  Why?  It just does; I don’t know why.  Maybe because she knows how speak to the chef and get her a special double-bacon cheeseburger just how she likes.

Once a part of society of the high-and-mighties, she has now begun her quest to complete the saga of making Bill Clinton our nation’s first First Man.  Really, that’s all she wants.  She has already signed a deal with DC Comics to write her story.

On a final note: Hillary wants to raise your taxes and reduce our military; leaving us open for attack.

Good luck America!

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