An Introduction to Wide World of Puking

Official Hot Lard 1000 Hit Post

Folks, if you’re going to puke … do it with style.

If you’re unfamiliar with the word puke, defines puke as “the matter ejected in vomiting“.

Alright, enough with the pleasantries … here’s some good old-fashioned photos.  Any one of these could qualify as our DotD or FotD.


Here we see Ralph expelling a gallon of pudding he thought was still good … 14 days past the expiration date.  Stay away from Swiss Miss man!


Anyone thinks they can complete the task of drinking a gallon of milk is soorly mistaken.


Nothing quite like a good game of who can spew the furthest.  In this photo, it’s clear that someone has skillz.


Burritos taste just as good coming up as they did going down.  Peter needs to work on his aim.

Here we get an idea of how drunk a person can get and still stand.  This shot was taken with Hot Lard’s expensive high-speed camera.


Before heading home to his parents house, Phillip decides to hide the fact his diet just wasn’t working for him.  McDonald’s fries can be cleaned-up tomorrow.


Fred is about to lose a bet to see if he could keep a dog turd down for more than 30 seconds.


Thankfully, the Nashville Police Department wasn’t on the prowl that night.


Here we see Juan feeling the after-effects of getting jacked in the gut during his initiation into the Lós Weenies gang; one of the lesser-known LA gangs.


Drinking Barney piss is NOT a good idea.


Contrary to popular myth, puke doesn’t do a very good job cleaning dishes … although, it does have the necessary scrubbing action.


I’ve heard that extended exposure to tanning beds really messes with your system.  Here we see Dwayne experience the tan of his life!


Poor Julie … pizza for breakfast, Vodka for lunch, and a healthy dose of Vicadin can really mess up a couch.  But hey, what’s Spring Break without a little fun?!


Sorry Joey, but the lions and tigers really aren’t the scavengers you think they are.  Why don’t you just heave yourself over the wall and save the world from your worthless life?

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