My Thoughts by blstern (Gentleman’s Dual)

If I lived back in the 1800’s and someone challenged me to a “Gentleman’s Dual” because of something I said, I would have to politely decline. He might challenge my manhood, and threaten to tell everyone I was a chicken, but my response to him would be… “Sir, does a chicken cry and shake like a little girl? I don’t know many chickens that lose control of their bodily functions at the mere sight of a gun.”

He might look at me kind of weird… Because I would be crying, and shaking and soiling myself. But guess what… at the end of the day, he is walking away, and I’m drawing a bead on the back of his head.

Oh sure, it would be tough to explain why I shot a man in the back of the head during a dual. I might even go to jail for cold-blooded murder. The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t prance around a man carrying a gun, repeatedly flicking him on the nose, saying, “Hey Mr. Big Nose. Hey Mr. Big nose!”… It’s only going to lead to you being hung…. And before you hang, you will be crying and screaming, and shaking, and of course… soiling yourself.

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