FotD Introduces Yolanda

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines for the best lay of your life!!

While scoping the streets for our next FotD, I came across Yolanda Phatzflub down in Atlanta, GA.


In a failed-attempt to pick up her Mister Skinny husband from the bus stop, she allowed me the opportunity to snap this photo.  Naturally, our policy is to inform our subjects of the nature of our business, so I made sure she knew I worked for Richard Simmons’ video production company.  Thank god she didn’t ask me the name of the company, or a business card … as I would’ve had to come up with something really fast … like:

Sweatin’ to the Sounds of Lardass Belly Friction

or, my favorite …

Bob’s Concrete Foundation Strengthening for Overweight Homeowners

Anyway, I promptly snapped my photo and went about my business of locating our future DotD at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Stay tuned!

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