Welcome to the wonderful world of SPAM

I’d like to share with you an email I received. Google Gmail thought it was Spam; but I’m not really sure. πŸ˜‰

From: “Steven L. Dawkins” <Steven@msa.hinet.net> to Bruce

Subject: When I tried to give him oral sex, I practically choked. How do I do it without gagging? Please help!

Princesses always giggled at me and even bucks did in the unrestricted water closet!
Well, now I whizgiggle at them, because I took M E _G_A_D_ IK
for 5 months and now my prick is indeed longer than civil.
achieve http://haterus.cn/
50 The Blind Leading the Blind
biases of investors and what
influences the fundamentals of the stock.
the situation becomes.
Finance and Urban Affairs on April 13, 1994, Soros provided a

There are so many things wrong with this.

  1. My name is not Bruce.
  2. Based on the subject line, you’d halfway-expect the email to at least appear like it was from someone of the female gender.
  3. Paragraph number 1 is a treat; sort of sounds like a Brit sending the Spam as no one in America calls a shitter a “water closet” (I’m not sure about the Chinese, as the return email address is from the damain .cn). But that isn’t the funny part; I am going to go see my doctor about getting a sample of “M E _G_A_ IK”. Indeed, who doesn’t want a prick that is “longer than civil”?
  4. After the break, I completely lost … must be the Chinese’s futile attempt to get past Spam filters.

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