Best Buy sucks Part Two

Most people are aware of the term MSRP. For those who don’t, check this out:

Recently, Best Buy has been found charging higher-than-MSRP prices for accessories for the Xbox 360. Some are calling it the Halo 3 tax. That means as the imminent release of Halo 3 approaches, customers will be in the store to pick up their pre-orders of Halo 3. Best Buy believes a select-few of them will stop by the accessories isle and pick up something (extra battery, cable, controller, etc).

I find this disturbing and evil.

I myself was burned by this when I bought my HDTV from Best Buy. I knew I needed to pick up the VGA cable to use between my Xbox 360 and TV. This VGA cable is $39.99 MSRP, but Best Buy sold it for $42.99.

What can we do about this trend? Two things:

  1. Nothing; MSRP contains that special word suggested.
  2. Shop elsewhere

Or, buy some Best Buy stock and be happy they’re charging more than their competition and getting away with it.


This isn’t the first time Best Buy has been accused of overcharging customers.

Slashdot readers posted some interesting comments about this story.

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