Letter from the Editor (One of them at least)

Welcome to Hot Lard! Now go away until I get this site up and working.

No seriously, get the hell out of here.

First! I would like to welcome you to Hot Lard, a virtual graveyard of pot holes and missspelling. I am Ervin Shlopnick, one of the contributors that will be making his presence known from now and then on this single page that exists on the Internet. I am sort of new to this whole Internet fad (I’m sure it will end anytime now) so it may take me some time to understand what I’m am doing. As it will take you some time to understand what I am saying. Being the Internet has only 26 different sites as of this time, I’m sure we will be seeing many of you computer nerds back here quite often. Please wipe your feet before you enter and make yourself at home. Also shut the hell up the entire time you are here…

Don’t touch that!! Jesus, just leave if your going to get into shit. I can see I hate you all, already.

As far as the picture, one of them is me…. But which one?


2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor (One of them at least)

  1. Well, I that is one of the funniest (and worst) Photoshops I’ve EVER seen! Jesus H!! Who taught you the fine craft of blurring trace lines?

    I’m sure there’s more where that came from…


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