Best Buy sucks

Yeah, big surprise huh?

So, a few months ago the family bought an expensive new piece of electronics. Okay, here it is:

Samsung HLT5075S

Some of you may know about Best Buy’s Reward Zone. Wow, such a great deal, right? I mean, spend some money, get some free credit! The only problem is, the ratio to YOUR dollars spent versus Best Buy’s rewards is nil.

That’s not the point though.

The reason why Best Buy sucks (in addition to all the other reasons you can think of) is that you cannot spend your Rewards at!

In my quest to find out more information, I present to you my email to Best Buy:

Why can’t I use my reward zone certificates at Where I live, a Best Buy is approximately 60 miles away. This would be so much more convenient if I could apply them online.

That was pretty painless. Also, fairly straightforward … or at least, I thought so.

Incoming next is my friendly customer service bot from India. Here goes:

<my name>,

I am Nick with Best Buy Customer Care.

Thank your for contacting Best Buy about your Reward Zone account. I will be more than glad to assist you.

Reward certificates cannot be used on delivery, Gift Cards, installations, Service Plans, activations, price plans for cell phones, any type of contract, repairs or toward the purchase of an online order.

However, members with Business account are able to redeem their certificates online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to

Thank you,
Best Buy Customer Care Team

I love it when the Indians can’t wrap their brains around our plain-English questions.

Moving on, I quickly replied back.

Dear Nick,

I know that it is simply not possible, but I asked “why”? The reward certificate has a unique number … just like your Gift Cards. Surely Best Buy has a database of valid Reward Zone gift certificate numbers, just as I’m sure they do for Gift Cards. So, I seriously doubt it’s a back-end (i.e. programming) problem.

Once again, I ask why not?

I think it is pretty lame that isn’t a valid place to spend my Rewards, given the fact that the dollars spent-to-reward points ratio is sooo in favor of Best Buy. I spent a wheel barrel of cash on my HDTV with you guys and my “reward” is to have to visit your store … again?

Frankly, the personnel at every single Best Buy I’ve been to is mediocre, at best (Des Moines – all locations, and I’ve been to the one out between San Francisco and San Jose – talk about a dump).

Thanks for the canned response (in advanced).

<my first name> L <my last name> (the “L” stands for “succulent ham”)

At this point, I’m a little mad that my question has still not been answered. If Nick doesn’t shape-up soon, I’m gonna have to get medival. Here’s his reply.

<my name>,

I am Nick with Best Buy Customer Care.

Thank your for contacting Best Buy about your Reward Zone account. I will be more than glad to assist you.

I apologize we did not meet your expectations with the Reward Zone certificates. Best Buy strives to make each experience you have with us positive and as fun as possible, and we are disappointed if we don’t live up to that expectation. Best Buy relies on feedback, both positive and negative, to help us find areas for improvement.

The idea of applying certificates to online orders is still in process. It has already been applied to Business members and, hopefully, it will
be available for regular members as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to

Thank you,
Best Buy Customer Care Team

Rather than try to explain myself, I’ll just let you read my response.

Darling Nicky,

I am Scott. I’m really glad you’re glad to help non-business customers.

Can you please elaborate on Best Buy’s non-business to business ratio of sales? I’m pretty sure more non-business customer’s purchase crap from Best Buy versus so-called Business customers. I would like to be proven wrong on that part, but I am not a coveted stock holder for Best Buy Co. Why would a corporation purchase ink jet paper from the most-expensive retailer on the block? I mean, there is a Staples store 500 feet from each and every Best Buy on the planet.

The leads into my next question … my expectation has obviously not been met. Best Buy has a wonderful tag line, “Thousands of possibilities | GET YOURS”. Who came up with this? And, why can’t I use my rewards at Best Rather, why do so-called business customers get priority over the millions of customer-customers (also known as, regular customers … YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER!)?

Have you heard of Google? They have a better tag line, “Don’t be evil”. Pass that along up to your manager over there in Pune. Maybe some day when I’m listening to the investor podcasts, I’ll hear the closing remarks echo Best Buy’s new slogan.

Well, I appreciate your gladness to help me. Rather, to not answer my question … I still don’t know why, other than I’m treated like a red-headed donkey puncher with respect to your oh-so-important business customers.

Since you haven’t bothered to answer my question, and since I’m on the subject of slogans, I thought I’d offer a few suggestions/feedback for Mr. Best Buy himself.

Here are a few that I came up with on such short notice:

Thousands of Possibilities | We Could Use a Few
Thousands of Possibilities | Just As Long As You Buy an Extended Warranty
Thousands of Possibilities | If You Can Find Knowledgeable Staff
Thousands of Possibilities | We Pimp Expensive HDMI Cables Because We Don’t Know Any Better
Thousands of Possibilities | If You Can Think Straight Because the Car Stereo Section is Really Loud
Thousands of Possibilities | Yeah, Our Bathrooms Aren’t Really Inspected
Thousands of Possibilities | Good Luck Getting By the Guy at the Front With a Yellow Shirt; He’s Fast!
Thousands of Possibilities | We’re Nearly Canadian!
Thousands of Possibilities | As Long As You Don’t Eat Beef; That’s Just Wrong

I hope I didn’t offend anyone from Canada, they’re America’s crusty hat … eh?!

I look forward to more gladness from you in your next attempt to answer my question.

As always, have a good evening … it is evening in Pune, right? Oh, and feel free to forward my email to your favorite friends over there (managers too). You have my permission to print it out and hang it over the troughs. Be sure to find the most-ridiculous image of what you think I might look like from Google Images too. I’m sure almost all will get a good laugh out of this (unless they’re Canadian) and simply tell you to not answer me. That’s fine; I’m sort of half-expecting to not get a response (for the 3rd time) to my question. That’s pretty typical these days. Oh well, I know a few people too.

Scrumptiously yours,
<my first name> “Succulent Ham” <my last name>

This shall be interesting … will I get a return response?


I got a response, this time from Susan.

<my first name>,

I am Susan with Best Buy Customer Care.

Thank your for contacting Best Buy about your Reward Zone account.

As you were previously informed Best Buy relies on feedback, both positive and negative, to help us find areas to improve the Reward Zone program for our members.

We are going to elevate your complaint to the appropriate department so that we could satisfy as soon as possible your expectations.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Best Buy Customer Care Team

7 thoughts on “Best Buy sucks

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  2. After I found out I couldn’t use them online, it was easy to understand the policy. What I don’t understand is why the policy exists for Joe Consumer and not Corporate Pointy-Haired Bosses you jackass retard.

    Are you smarter because you eat donkey shit and get paid for it?

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  4. Well my best guess is that Best Buy is making an attempt to reach out to the Business market share like other retail stores. There is a big untapped market out there made up of small businesses and by creating perks for these businesses to join best buy for business reward zone card, best buy will attract newer customers. From what i have read on their website, Best buy for business reward zone card holders get more money back as they spend more at best buy. A regular consumer buying a High Def Television and a camcorder a year is small bucks compared to a business owner upgrading an office with several computers, laser printer, monitors, geek squad service, and other things operational supplies….

    Ehh, but this is only my take on it and its only from just a couple minutes of research. love to hear others opinion.

  5. True, they are. Best Buy has recently allowed their retail customers to redeem their Rewards Zone points online, which is good.

    Well, I pity the small business owner that uses Best Buy versus their neighborhood nerd for their computers. Oh well, to each their own.

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